Face Protection Solved

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Hear from real users.

  • Kami Rita Sherpa - The most experienced high-altitude mountaineer, ever.

    I was given a faceGlove 7 years ago by another guide, and have used it on every climb since. My whole team uses faceGloves now. I use it because the faceGlove works better than creams for fighting the high altitude sun, and it's the best thing I've found to protect against frostbite, that does not fog glasses and goggles.

    Guiness World Records: 26 Everest summits, 39 summits over 8,000 meters.

  • Jason Heath - Bridger Bowl Ski Patrol

    The FaceGlove has helped our team protect their faces in extreme cold weather for several years now. The simple design paired with a buff allows for unmatched protection that doesn't fog up your goggles. The FaceGlove has been a game changer for our team.

  • Fab Verga - Professional Outdoor Enthusiast.*

    Whether I am skiing on the East Coast, Mountaineering in the Rockies, or exploring the Alps, I always pack my faceGlove. I love how it is perfectly molded to my face, protects all the important areas, and still allows me to breathe that fresh mountain air. It is ridiculously small, light, and unnoticeable in my jacket pocket, ready when the lift breaks down in the path of a snow gun (that actually happened).

Crafting the best outdoor face masks in the world.

  • Hand-made in the USA

    We do it right. Every step, from design to manufacting takes places in New Hampshire, USA, and all of our materials are sourced from manufacturers in the US.

    Manufacturing Details 
  • Custom molded for each customer.

    We know that each face is unique, so we believe that each facemask should be as well. This is why our patent-pending design allows each faceGlove user to custom-mold each mask to their unique nose and cheeks.

    Detailed Molding Instructions 
  • Born from the White Mountains of NH

    Kevin grew up skiing the windy and icey slopes of NH. After college, he headed west to see if the ski-movie powder-fantasy was real. One cold and windy morning, a mentor told him to put duct tape on his nose and checks because "everything else fogged goggles." Kevin knew there had a be a better solution.

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