Are there straps that fit around my head?

the faceGlove comes with interchangeable earloops and a head strap that is threaded through two slits on either side of the faceGlove. The faceGlove FLEX comes with earloops, while the individually hand-stitched headstraps are sold separately.

Which faceGlove do I need?

We think everyone needs both. In general, we recommend the faceGlove for all uses. It integrates ideally with goggles. Once heat-molded you never have to fuss with it again, so it is perhaps, easier to use than the faceGlove FLEX. Because it is a little stiffer, the faceGlove is recommended for the speeds of skiing, cycling, snowmobiling.

The faceGlove FLEX is best suited for expeditions in high-altitude sun and cold, or if you're storing it in a tiny pocket on your jacket for emergencies. It also might be the preferred faceGlove for use with glasses.

What is the faceGlove made of?

The faceGlove is made from POLARTEC's High Pile Fleece (formerly Sherpa fleece), and POLARTEC's most technical nylon fabric. It's highly flexible, thin, light, warm, and highly wind and water reistant.

The faceGlove FLEX is made from POLARTEC Power Shield, their finest soft-shell fabric. It is incredibly thin, light, warm, soft, breathable, and . highly wind and water resistant.

Where is the faceGlove made?

Each faceGlove is hand-made in NH, USA.

Why does the faceGlove use earloops?

In 10 years of use, we have found that most of ou users wear their faceGlove under a Buff(tm) or balaclava a good amount of the time. This allows you to pull the Buff over your mouth if needed. Earloops stay in place when you're pulling Buff over the top.

With this set-up it is also easy to rest the faceGlove under your chin, put it back on your face, while it's still attached to your ears.

The faceGlove is not attached to your helmet so that it is flush with your face.

This attachment system also allows you to wear your faceGlove with any gear set you choose.

Why not use headstraps?

When you pull a Buff(tm), hat, balaclava, helmet over your faceGlove with headstraps, the straps move, whereas earloops don't. You can also rest your faceGlove under your chin and put it back on your face while it's attached with earloops, but if you do this with headstraps, the straps tend to move.