Our Story

Kevin grew up skiing the windy-ice with his family in NH. After Hamilton College, he hopped in his station wagon and drove to Tetons to see if Warren Miller and TGR were right. This turned out to be life-changing.

One cold morning, the senior tech in the ski shop where he worked told him to put duct tape on his nose and cheeks. "If you pull that mask over your mouth and nose, it'll fog your goggles." Kevin thought, "What's causing the fog? That must be fixable. Why did he say to put tape on just my nose and cheeks?"

Kevin moved to North Conway, NH, to be closer to home, and started prototyping. He took his best designs to Titoune Meunier, founder of Wild Things Gear, who had been making climbing gear for 35 years. She helped him make his best design production-ready, and the faceGlove Classic launched in 2013.

The first 50 faceGloves were tested by Everest climbers in 2013, who later brought them to all the other highest, coldest, and sunniest peaks in the world. After 10 years, the faceGlove is now a default piece of face protection for ski patrollers, and guides on Denali, Everest, and Antarctica.

In this same time, the faceGlove has also gone through 6 production models.

Kevin and the OuterU team have always been laser-focussed on quality because "a bunch of these masks are going to Mt. Everest, and I don't know which ones." Kevin still inspects each faceGlove, personally, to make sure it's ready to climb Everest, if asked.

If you have your own faceGlove story, please email pics or experience to kevin@outerU.com