Why I love this review!

Why I love this review!

When you pour your heart and soul into a product you sweat the details, however, you often wonder if anyone else notices these details. In Derek Toshner's first review for Engearment he hit on many of the details I sweat assuaging some of the fears. Take a look at the video, but here are some of the specifics that I was excited he appreciated.

    • Hand written note. I often wonder if people even read these or if this makes me look too small. I loved hearing that not only did he read it, but he really appreciated the personal touch.

    • Ear loops vs head strap. Like most people I hate the feeling of ear loops digging into my ears. This is why I have put in so much energy into finding the ideal material and resistance so that they are actually comfortable! Note that we do also have head straps as an option, but default to ear loops for their versatility.

    • Breathability. Unobstructed breathing is the corner stone of our masks. Derek's re-enforcement of this priority was great to hear.

    • Warm hug. Who doesn't like a warm hug? It was great to hear that Derek also finds the fleece inside and light tension to be similar to warm hug :)

    • Mold-ability. The faceGlove does require an extra step of molding it to your face. I do always worry that customers will struggle with this, but it was great to see how well Derek did and how easy he found it.

Thanks again Derek, and I can't wait to see what else you cover at Engearment!

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