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Expedition Package

Expedition Package

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The faceGlove, FLEX, and the bala represent the culmination of 10 years hand-making masks for Sherpa and western guides on Everest, K2, Denali, and Antarctica. Using this invaluable feedback, our expedition package provides the perfect balance of protection, comfort, and weight, to ensure that you are ready for your next expedition.

Our expedition package includes a black faceGlove FLEX, a gray faceGlove, and a gray bala. Each mask comes with a set of our ear-loops and head-straps. With a combined weight for all three items of only 1.52oz (43.1g) you can be sure to be prepared for whatever nature throws at you with very little additional weight.

The faceGlove leverages POLARTEC's High Pile (formerly Sherpa) Fleece, a water resistant shell, and a proprietary heat-moldable element. The faceGlove is warm, highly wind/water resistant, and holds the shape of your face, facilitating incredibly easy use. The faceGlove comes with interchangeable ear-loops and a head-strap, so that it can be worn like a surgeon's mask or a dust-mask. Recommended for use with goggles, and in "goggles conditions." 0.4oz.

faceGlove FLEX
The FLEX is warm, and highly wind/H2-resistant, but thinner, lighter, and more breathable than the faceGlove. The FLEX also has a little pocket that protects the tip of your nose from cold, and reflection off the snow. Because the FLEX is thinner, it leverages a moldable wire to keep its shape around your nose. The FLEX comes with ear-loops and head-straps. At only 0.3oz in weight this piece of equipment is worth it's weight in gold.

The bala is made of 89% polyester and 11% spandex, creating a stretchy material that is sunscreen50™, will always fit your face snuggly, and is UNBELIEVABLY soft to the touch. Our unique design cuts off the top providing added versatility and better heat regulation. 

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