Bridger Bowl Ski Patrol makes OuterU part of their official uniform

Bridger Bowl Ski Patrol makes OuterU part of their official uniform

At OuterU, we hold immense gratitude for our dedicated ski patrols, who tirelessly brave the elements to ensure everyone's safety on the slopes. Over the past decade, we've been committed to supporting these unsung heroes by offering them exclusive discounts on our products. It's always a source of pride and joy for us to witness these professionals donning our masks during their essential duties.

Our excitement reached new heights when Bridger Bowl made the decision to officially integrate the faceGlove FLEX into their standard uniform. This development not only marks a significant endorsement of our product but also showcases a shared commitment to enhancing the safety and comfort of ski patrollers.

The faceGlove proves to be an ideal companion for patrollers, especially during early morning shifts in cold and windy conditions. Despite the physical exertion, patrollers often find their bodies warmed up, yet their faces remain exposed to the elements. Now, with the faceGlove conveniently tucked in their pockets, Bridger Bowl patrollers can swiftly equip themselves against the biting cold. The unique design ensures that the mask doesn't cover their mouths, allowing for clear communication and preventing goggle fogging.

Huge thank you to Jason Heath who has been long time supporter of our products!

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