faceGlove: winter face protection for cyclists

faceGlove: winter face protection for cyclists

I try to connect with each person that purchases one of my products to thank them, ask how they learned about OuterU, and get a better understanding of how they plan to use it. One particular use case that has been coming up more and more often is using a faceGlove for cycling in the winter. And while this was not a use case I initially thought of when I created the faceGlove, wow does it make sense! Using a faceGlove or even our entire face protection system, is the perfect solution for cyclist for the following reasons:
  1. Cyclist understand the need to keep their airway free. The faceGlove and our bala do this perfectly.

  2. Cyclist cannot risk having their glasses fog up. Again our unique solution ensures that a riders airways are unobstructed preventing any goggle fog.

  3. Cyclist often wear glasses, our faceGlove is designed to work with glasses or goggles.

  4. Cyclist understand the advantage of layers. Our two part system allows for an unprecedented number of ways to protect your face.

  5. The compact nature of our products lend themselves perfectly to cyclist who have extremely limited storage.
Below is my favorite review from Kyle Aldridge, @airtimealdridge, who recently completed his ambitious goal of biking every day of the year, yes all 365 days! He picked up a faceGlove last year and was one of my original customers to open my eyes to this need. Huge shout out and thank you to Kyle!

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