Your face deserves better than tape

Your face deserves better than tape

For the past two winter olympics the world has watched in shock as olympians resorted to covering the most sensitive parts of their face with tape. I get it. I grew up ski racing and understand that you need to stay aerodynamic, while still protecting your nose and cheeks from the elements. And that you need to do all of this without blocking your breathing. But seriously tape? We can do better by our athlete's!

***drumroll*** Please welcome the latest edition of the faceGlove. This mask was original envisioned in the Tetons, then thoroughly tested in the Himalayas, and is now hand-crafted in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Our unique nose and cheek protector is the solution athletes need. Below are some of the best qualities of this mask.


Thoughtfully thermal molded to fit the contours of your face

The faceGlove, our nose and cheek protector, comes in two versions, pre-molded and mold yourself. We recommend the pre-molded version as we have found that our thoughtfully molded masks fit the majority of customers and provide a superior product. However, we recognize that some athletes have unique faces that require a mold at home option. Our packaging provides detailed instructions as well as a link to our online video that walks through the self-molding process. Regardless of which version you choose, our unique four layer composition provides a stiff, yet flexible fit so that each masks stays in place.


Made with high performance materials

POLARTEC® fleece lines each of our faceGloves, keeping your nose and cheeks warm. Additionally, a high performance shell blocks wind and moisture to keep your nose and cheeks dry.


Easy to take on and off

Each mask comes with our interchangeable head-strap and / or ear-loops, so it can be worn like a surgeon's mask or a dust-mask. Our head-strap system is made of a high stretch-coefficient polyester resulting in a comfortable fit. Additionally, our design makes it possible for athletes to quickly take our masks on and off, affording athletes the ability to quickly remove a mask before a race, without removing their helmet and goggles.

This winter do your face a favor and try our mask. 

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