The Skiology: The only ski report I trust for east coast skiing.

The Skiology: The only ski report I trust for east coast skiing.

Depending on where you ski the start to this ski season has never been very polarizing. On the west coast they are getting record amounts of snowfall, in some places too much snow! (Apparently that is a thing) However, on the east coast it has been one of the, if not the worst starts to the season. When conditions are this temperamental it is hard to know whether or not to make the trek to the mountain. Fortunately, Matt from Skiology has got you covered. I have been following him for years and absolutely swear by him for a few reasons:

  • He goes deep into the thinking and technicalities of his forecast. Candidly, I can follow about 50% of it but have learned a ton.

  • His forecasts are insanely accurate. I am always shocked at how accurate they are.

  • They are extremely skier specific. This manifests itself with expected snow totals for each mountain, windhold risks, and general updates on each mountain. IE, whether or not there are problems with specific chairs or anything else that might impact your experience.


Below is an example of his forecast from our last good storm, the one before the holiday break in 2022. If you don't follow him I strongly encourage to do so and to make a donation to keep his excellent service going.





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